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Field Fence

Field Fence can be used with stakes,wood timber and other post. Made of high tensile steel wire, this kind of wire fence is strong for keeping and breeding animals. High tensile field fence is also known as deer fence, sheep fence, cattle fence, etc.

1. Material:
a) Electro galvanized iron wire
b) Hot dipped galvanized iron wire
c) High Tensile Steel Wire
d) PVC Painted Wire.

2. Structure: hinged joint knot

3. Roll size: supplied in 50m and 100m length.

4. Specifications: Wire Diameter: Gauge Top and Bottom 3.00mm, Intermediates 2.5mm

5. Applications: as the fllowing Photos

   Field Fence Using for Road Fencing :


    Field Fence Using for Framing Fence and Grassland Fence :




    Flied Fence Install information :



Field Fence Exactly Products Photos  :

Grassland Fence YHY-1

Field Fence

Field Fence YHY-2

Grassland Fence YHY-3

Glassland Fence YHY-4